Standard Life Aberdeen: Carly's social mobility story

Carly joined Standard Life Aberdeen a few months after leaving school, by successfully gaining a placement on the Edinburgh Guarantee Scheme.

‘To be given a chance in a huge, established business after years of being in school feeling I had no purpose was almost unbelievable. Being able to prove that you are worth more than exam results is so important in so many ways.

I was bullied in school so severely that I was too afraid to turn up for 2 years, meaning I missed 2 school years’ worth of exams leaving me feeling vulnerable, like I had nothing and nowhere to go. I thought no place of work would believe me when I said I had the ability and determination but with no proof.

I heard about the Edinburgh Guarantee Scheme through someone who I knew that worked for Standard Life. I almost didn’t apply through fear of being laughed at for thinking I’d ever have a shot at a place like this with so little to show for myself. I’m now so glad I did.

I went to the interview and wasn’t asked once about the qualifications I did (or didn’t) have. It was all solely personality based and gave me the opportunity to show myself and the business that I was worth taking a chance on.

After hearing I’d secured a 6 month internship with a chance of being offered a permanent role at the end, I had a fire inside me to succeed, do more than what was asked of me and give my all to everything I did. I knew I had so much to give and felt so lucky to be able to show that.

Now, 8 months later I have a permanent job in my dream role and have decided to become an advocate for early careers by writing blogs, going into schools and doing speeches and presentations wherever I can.

More people should know about these opportunities, because the Edinburgh Gurantee Scheme saved my life. ‘

Lewis Grice