Severn Trent case study: Jazz

Jazz is an apprentice on Severn Trent’s Digital team

‘I applied for an apprenticeship because I wanted to expand my knowledge. I prefer tactile learning which is exactly what an apprenticeship allows you to do. One of the best things about an apprenticeship is you can earn and learn simultaneously.

With this apprenticeship, I am able to obtain a degree without university. Therefore, I am experiencing similar opportunities as graduates but also with four years of work experience. I feel apprenticeships are generally a better route for success as you gain more experience as well as gaining a qualification.

When I first started my apprenticeship, I lacked self-confidence and soft skills.However, I was instantly respected by and accepted by the team which aided my development. For example, when communicating with stakeholders, I would always ask for guidance from my mentor and get them to check it. When my mentor told me he was no longer going to check, I gained confidence bydoing this myself which allowed me to build my network across STW.’

Lewis Grice