About the Pledge?

"Britain should be a country where you can get on in life, regardless of your background. Improving social mobility is a defining challenge for us as a nation. We have talent spread evenly across this great country, but opportunity isn’t. Businesses, with the prosperity and careers they create for people, are key to improving social mobility.

Any business that commits to our Social Mobility Pledge can sign up to become an accredited employer."

Rt Hon. Justine Greening MP



Why do it?

Becoming a Social Mobility Pledge accredited employer demonstrates your commitment to accessing and progressing talent from all backgrounds, and highlights your work towards improving social mobility. The aim of the Social Mobility Pledge is to encourage business to play their crucial role in boosting social mobility in the UK and highlight which businesses and employers are going the extra mile.


Only 1 in 8 children from low-income backgrounds is likely to become a high-income earner as an adult



Of young people in the North East think that work experience should be compulsory on their school/college curriculum



Just five elite schools sent more pupils to Oxford and Cambridge universities than nearly 2,000 schools, which make up two thirds of the entire state secondary school sector.